EBL : A new laboratory

EBL keeps the ambition to be a reference in terms of traceability and quality for its products.

In a dedicated space, our technician carries out a whole battery of tests.

Equipped with a machine for bending tests, as well as thickness measurements, EBL internally characterizes its products by following all the standard test protocols.

An oven and a bain-marie complete the equipment to have values ​​on the reactivity or the withdrawal of the different products.

So that the “Made in Basque Country” remains for you a sales argument and a pledge of quality, EBL puts all its efforts in the search for new materials and means of control internally.

EBL is backed by an industrial group of more than 230 people, 32M € turnover, and bases its policy on the long term.


The sales department remains at your disposal to assist you in your projects.