Low-cost moulds!


Thanks to its experience and its long record in the world of plastic injection, ELB has a large variety of cavity moulds, also known as casing moulds.

These cavity moulds are reusable moulds: the aim is to be able to use common parts to manufacture different pieces.

The different plates, regulation systems and guide columns are considered common pieces; only the dies and the ejection systems will change.

These cylindrical or rectangular casings represent a real saving on the starting investment that often leads us to reject injection, depriving us of its real industrial advantages.

For small series or pre-series, for the pre-industrialisation stage, or for series of 1 to 500 parts, we can add an aluminium die to achieve a final industrial result at a truly competitive cost.

Together with our quality and service demands, this option will enable you to access high-precision technology, even for small projects.

The commercial service is at your disposal to study your projects.

Request your injected parts, even for small series!