Reliable and cost-efficient protection.


A deteriorated or non-conforming part can turn out to be expensive for your company. EBL proposes its customised transport boxes. Based on a plastic box, with or without lid, EBL reproduces the shape of your parts in foam to achieve maximum protection. This presentation system enables you to save time when packing and unpacking your parts.

Do you want to identify your parts, making sure that nothing is missing? Select two-coloured foam; it is an excellent visual identifier.

Do you want to optimise your transport? EBL suggests standard formats for pallets.

You can also personalise these transport boxes with aluminium or plastic labelling, with laser etching or marked with using paint.

Based on a 2D/3D drawing or the dimensions of the parts or footprints, EBL will offer you an estimate, free of charge to manufacture the unit or for mass production.