Flexural modulus must not be confused with ring stiffness

Ring stiffness is the crush resistance of your sheath.  This depends on the flexural modulus but also on the thickness of the sheath.

In this specific case, although the modulus of the UV sheath is higher, the thickness used by EBL permits equivalent ring stiffness.


The thickness is calculated and optimised depending on the flexural modulus of the material used. EBL takes the mechanical loads of the network into account: depth, type of soil (presence of groundwater table,…), backfilling conditions (compacting quality,…) as well as the loads supported by the terrain (importance of rolling loads,…).

At EBL we advice you on the products that adapt best to your needs, no more and no less.

Do not hesitate to consult us in order to define together the stiffness required by your project.